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Google LTI Assignment Display in Canvas

We are currently integrating Google through a variety of methods. When we use an LTI integration of a Google Doc within an Assignment, the iFrame appears at the bottom of the page with the embedded document. This iFrame is very small and you can't expand it to view the entire document.

I am trying to find a way to either add some white space at the bottom of the Canvas page or to change the parameters of the iFrame. Neither of these is possible in the Rich Text Editor or HTML editor (at least what I can see). Anyone have any suggestions?


Deb Maeder

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stefaniesanders' excellent Using Google Docs for dynamic Canvas content can help you make those iframes the size you want. The key is that the Google embed code does not include size, so you need to add it yourself in the HTML (or in the "Insert/Embed Media" RTE icon).

While I'm at it, I've found this to help make Google iFrames better: 

The document looks much better when embedded if you replace the default "Publish" URL with the URL in the browser.


Bonus Hint: change the last bit of your Google doc link to adjust how it looks: "" =default

"" = no toolbar, margins” = edit mode” = for links — whoever clicks it gets their own copy of the doc in their personal Google Drive (great for worksheets!).