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Google Slide Student Assignment on Canvas



How do we assign each student a Google Slide to complete and return for grading?  This was extremely important for Remote Learning last year as I created charts, guided notes and other assignments for students to complete in Google Slides.  We were allowed to use Google Classroom last year, which made it VERY Easy to assign each student a Google Slide and they could answer and fill out the the Google Slides Assignment with ease and it was very easy to see their answers and grade the assignment.  Unfortunately, we can't use Google Classroom this upcoming school year and it would be nice if Canvas would make it easy to assign and grade each students individual Google Slides that have been assigned.  It's frustrating that Canvas is not as user friendly as Google Classroom.  Everything seems difficult to do or achieve in Canvas and we are expected to adapt or create new assignments, rather than Canvas listening to teachers needs and making it easy for us to transition into using their program.  So frustrating! Please make this possible AND user friendly for students and teachers!!!

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