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Grade Passback error for last two days when trying to sync to SIS


Anyone having this problem the last two days? I was thinking it was just the power outages we had in our area yesterday, but today I'm still having the problem.

I'm trying to sync grades for an assignment to our SIS Aeries in the usual manner that worked for me as recently as Monday (ACTION>Sync>select assignment>and wait).  The Grade Sync progress takes me through 8/9 steps before saying completed with an exclamation point next to it.  Clicking on that exclamation point gives me the following message on Canvas:


Unable to read the score id (lineItem sourcedid Is invalid).


What's strange is that at least yesterday's attempts uploaded the shell of the assignment in Aeries (our SIS) but not the student's individual scores, whereas today, it wouldn't even create the shell.  I tried different assignments, and different courses yet nothing has made any difference.

Have put it to the Canvas help desk and they assure me it's being elevated to someone in their company for resolution since the chat that we had had didn't bring any.  I am waiting on that email support.


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I have this same error, except about 20 students had 50% grades entered, and those assignments were graded much higher. 


That's a drag.  My admin is on it.  Apparently it's a problem for many throughout our district and even more in this Canvas community forum.  One community post asserted that it's just happened since the 2nd quarter began.  There is a correlation between those two things for me as well.  Canvas support did say a ticket was created to help me resolve this.  Who knows.  Hang in there.


Thanks! I like your user name a lot. I understand if this falls of your radar, but please post if you find a resolution. (I'll do the same).


so it just started working again for me right now....even the other assignments that didn't register student individual scores before, now appeared when I synced them (by checking their box only; i do one assignment at a time usually) again


i wish i could say why it's working now, but i have no idea

(thanks, if my screen name inspires anyone to take a new grip and carry on, then it was worth it) 🙂