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Grade Sync no longer working 2nd quarter

I was able to sync grades 1st quarter.  Now, it's not working anymore.  I am getting these errors.









Looking at the downloaded Excel sheet of errors, it's grades for 2nd quarter.  In Aeries, we are in Quarter 2.  But in Canvas, it seems like we're in a single year-long term.  It looks different as a teacher than my son's Canvas - that has terms with quarters.  I don't have the ability / control to change the terms in Canvas as far as I can tell clicking around in settings and other areas.

Unable To read the score id (lineItem sourcedId Is invalid).400STU_2013


Weird part, in Aeries, the assignment does show up after sync.  Fri 10/23 #18.3 Earth's ...  It's just not entering the student grades.





How do I get the sync to work properly again?  I have been clicking around in Canvas and Aeries for ~20 minutes and cannot find a missing link / setting.

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Yes!  This is what's happening with me at my school using Aeries, too! Now that I think about the timing of the issue (just the past couple days), it would coincide with our 2nd quarter assignments also (wonder if you're a colleague of mine). 

Anyway, my admin is now aware and assures me they're looking into it.