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Grade assignments turned in via email


I need some help. One of the assignment groups consists on quizzes submitted by the students via email at the beginning of class. It is easier if we do it via email instead of Canvas because some students have told us they occasionally experience delays and I do not want them to be distracted during lecture. The problem starts when I want to submit the grades via Canvas. I cannot manually enter the grades of the quiz as long as the assignment is unpublished. Is there any way I could grade the assignment while it remains unpublished?


Thank you

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @axemaster113 ...

I'm not aware of any way to do this.  Publishing an assignment puts a column in your Gradebook so that you can enter grades for each of your students.

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Here's how I would do this: 

  • Create an assignment with submission type set to "nothing" or "on paper", and publish it. 
  • Indicate in the assignment instructions that this is the place that you'll be entering the grade for the emailed quiz for the indicated due date. 
  • Set the assignment grade to "hidden"
  • Enter the grades in the Gradebook, or through SpeedGrader (whatever makes you happiest in gradingville)
  • Post the grades (more about grade posting policies)
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