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Grade settings for a subset of students?

Is there a setting or way of indicating for some class participants (not all) that they do not have to submit specific assignments because they have passed those in a previous course. The course is live, so any solution should have the ability to override/replace an assignment that students did not need to submit in the first place (b/c it was previously passed in another course).  The ‘excused’ feature really does this nicely but does not seem available once moderating grading has been turned on for these assignments.

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If the excused button is disabled you should still be able to enter the "EX" grade for excused.  The moderator may also need to enter the "EX" grade to complete the excuse. 

An alternative is to go through the assignments they are excused from, and enter a second due date for that student (use the previous semester) and include availability dates that have the activity already locked.  Leaving it ungraded will have the same effect on totals as excused.  If you use a missing policy, you will also need to manually remove the automatic score and "missing" tag, and recall the excuse for the entire semester.  You could enter the score from the previous semester in the gradebook.  (Though the moderator will likely have to approve that as well.)  

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