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Gradeable Objectives Hidden From Students?

Hi folks,

We have a couple programs at our institution that are looking to set up program-level objectives to embed in courses. There would be around 10 or so objectives for the program, and each course likely has one or two objectives that students should be meeting during the course. We'd like to use Canvas's Objectives tool for this so we can use the learning mastery gradebook and pull program-level reports about objectives. The problem we're running into is having these objectives gradeable and assigned to all students, but kept hidden so the students don't see them. The best solution we've come up with so far is to create an assignment for each objective, attach the objective as a rubric in the assignment as usual, and then leave the assignment unpublished until the course has concluded, at which point the instructor will publish the assignment and grade it for each student. This isn't ideal, as students could still be going into the course after it has concluded, at which point they might see the objective assignment in the gradebook and ask questions about it. Is anyone else out there is doing something similar, and if so how are you using Canvas's Objectives tool to achieve this?


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