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Gradebook: Adjusting point values from publisher homework system paired with Canvas

I use the textbook publisher's online homework system (McGraw-Hill Connect) which is integrated with Canvas. So students access the assignments through Canvas, and grades are automatically posted to the Canvas gradebook. 

In order to have each assignment within an Assignment Group equally weighted, I need to adjust the point values assigned in Canvas. For example, Connect assigns points based on the number of questions, so an assignment with 5 questions is worth 50 points, and an assignment with 7 questions is worth 70 points. But I want both assignments to be weighted equally in the Canvas gradebook. My understanding is that within a weighted assignment group (e.g. "Homework"), the individual assignments are weighted based on relative point values. So I tried setting all of the assignments within the Homework group to 10 points, and selected "display grade as percentage." But when I check the gradebook, it is still basing the score on the Connect points. So a student who got 100% on the 50 point assignment has a grade of 500% (50 out of 10).

For future assignments, I might be able to adjust the grading in Connect, but I can't change the settings for the assignments that have already been completed. Is there a way to do this in Canvas? I do not want to set up separate weighting groups for each individual assignment. Thanks!

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