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Gradebook - Locking assignment grades

Hello, I am using some auto graded assignments from a publishers website that is integrated into my Canvas course. When the assignment is completed the grade is then synced to my Canvas gradebook.  Sometimes I need to change the grade sent by the publish.  When I do change it, the next day it is overwritten by the publishers sync.  Is there a way to lock the grades on an assignment so that it cannot be overwritten by the publishers sync? I know if I set a default grade, that grade will not get overwritten. by the sync.

Thanks, Neil

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Have you tried making your update in the publisher's system so that the transferred score is correct?

The publisher systems I've worked with transfer scores on a schedule, and warn that late submissions won't transfer.  There might be a setting you could adjust there to avoid daily updates of prior assignments. 

If those ideas don't help, all I can suggest is checking do not count towards grades in the canvas assignment settings, and then making another assignment set to "no submission" for you to record the actual grade.