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Gradebook 'Missing' Assignment Shortcut

Canvas Gradebook - Not User Friendly & Wastes Time

The ability for teachers to type M for missing needs to be an added feature. I made this video: <> to illustrate how slow the process of marking Missing is. In 2018, the Canvas forums said M for missing will be confusing for some people, so they will not implement it. A little confusion, for a few, is a small setback compared to the amount of time that will be saved for so many teachers if the Canvas developers add the M for missing feature.

If you don't want it to affect everyone, please put it in Settings>Feature Options, then teachers can choose to use the M for missing feature.

Please seriously consider this.


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Also, anyone else having the problem that even if you use the tedious process to mark the assignment missing, it isn't adding it to the student's total count of missing it looks like they aren't missing anything?

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