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Gradebook export omitting data

I have recently graded an assignment using Speedgrader. As usual, the grades appear in the gradebook when I look at it in my browser. However, when I export the gradebook as a .csv file, the column for that assignment is blank. Other previously graded assignments appear normally. Only the grades for the latest assignment are missing. 

Additional info:

  • The grades for the assignment in question are hidden from students, but this hasn't caused the grades to go missing from the exported file before. 
  • It has been half an hour since I graded the last of the assignments and probably over two hours since I entered the first grade. None of them appear on the exported file. I don't recall ever noticing that the system takes hours to "update" after grades are entered or modified. 
  • The assignment in question was only assigned to some students (it was a make-up exam for students who missed the original exam due to medical reasons). Could this be causing the odd behaviour?
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I believe my past assignments assigned to only one or a few students exported just fine.  However, complete/incomplete always exports as an empty column.  Did you assign a specific grade, or was this marked complete/incomplete?

They were assigned actual grades. 

But the following day, the gradebook exported just fine. I guess it took 24h for the system to realise that grades had been entered. This is somewhat disconcerting.

If anything, this is a reminder to always keep a personal record of grades that were entered and NEVER trust Canvas to do anything properly. 

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I'm glad it resolved itself.  I generally only need exported grades as a last step at the end of the semester, but there is an option to download a previous export.  Is it possible that you had a gradebook export in progress (or already complete) when you entered the grades? 


I had exported grades at least two times before. At the time when I noticed this problem, I had no other exports in progress and hadn't exported grades in days. Previous exports had long since been completed. 

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That is odd.  I can't think of a reason why the gradebook would need time to recognize it was displaying grades before it could export them.  If it happens again, I would contact canvas support so they can document the source of the delay.