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Graded Checkmark not showing?

I just graded a student's paper and the green checkmark that usually appears after grading, did not show. Is this an issue for anyone else?

I had one other colleague confirm it is happening to them as well. The only time the checkmark does appear is if I add a zero - or it could be related to not using the rubric, since I added a zero without having to utilize the rubric.

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 @sipej1 , 

I reported this Sunday night to Canvas and provided a video demonstrating the issue. This morning, they came back with the following statement.

Thank you for the video, Watching that information I was able to replicate this behavior. I will go ahead and escalate this issue to our next level of support for us to investigate this issue further.

I didn't try putting a zero in, so I'm glad you found that. I cleared the cache and then tried it with and without using the rubric, with student names showing and anonymously, and in Chrome and Firefox, and was able to duplicate it in all of those, but didn't try putting in a 0.

Thank you,  @James ‌

I was testing further this morning and discovered that the checkmark will appear only after I leave the speedgrader and return to it. I forwarded this info to Canvas.

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Thanks for posting this,  @sipej1 ‌. When I noticed this yesterday, I also noticed a new strange behavior in the Speedgrader--my profile picture was being shrunk in width (using Firefox 56.0), so it appeared very distorted. Then when I went to test it in Chrome, my profile picture was completely missing. Has anyone else noticed this?

 @sphinney ‌ I did notice this the other day when I was grading..admittedly, rather quickly, and switched to the next student before my comment posted. I went back and noticed that the comment only saved as a draft because I didn't give it time to load. All that to say..My profile picture shrunk in width when this happened. Maybe because I didn't allow it time to load? I was using Chrome. 

Otherwise, I haven't noticed it much. Could this be a separate issue? Or do you think it is related?

I'm not sure if the two are related, but I did notice both of them for the first time yesterday. I just checked again, and my picture is still shrunk and distorted. If I expand the width of the comment pane, the picture does resize back to normal. But I don't recall that it ever did this before, and I have always used speedgrader with the comment pane at this same width. I'm not sure about the issue with it not even showing up in Chrome, as I don't normally use Chrome.

 @sphinney ‌ - maybe chat with Canvas and provide them with your example(s) so they can take a look at it.

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I posted a separate question about this before finding this question. I'm having the same problem! I've also submitted a ticket to Canvas...

I did find this in the release notes, so I wonder if it's part of the problem?

Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-10-07).


Performance Update

SpeedGrader has been optimized for performance in large courses and includes a JavaScript improvement for loading students in the student menu. Although all values for an assignment are loaded and saved in the browser to reduce load time, the browser JavaScript inefficiently managed values when switching students. Instead of updating for all students, the student menu is only updated where a student’s status could change and only updates affected students accordingly.

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There is a similar thread here: 

It includes some comments from Canvas support acknowledging the issue and then saying it's been fixed. But it hasn't been fixed correctly, at least not for me.


I'm still having problems, too. I noticed that it seems to be fixed when grading students alphabetically, but I really prefer sorting students by submission status and that way is still having errors. Are you using sort by submission status? I also noticed it appears to mark an incorrect student further down the dropdown list as graded until you refresh the page.

I'm currently on L2 support with it. Glad to know it's not just me still. (I was starting to think I was crazy or broke something.)