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Graded Discussions Problems

Dear Canvas,

Community I have a bug problem with discussions.  I feel that Canvas has not made them as useful to grade as they should.  When a student posts, it immediately notifies the instructor that a post was made; however, if we choose to grade it too early, it will never tell us if the student has posted more or even updated their initial post.  

I do not find this useful.  I want to be able to continually grade this.  I have been working with discussions as a student since 2005.  If my professor said I needed to add more on my discussion, I could simply post again and the instructor never needed me to tell them that I added more.  I know blackboard allowed you to know just like assignments every time a post has been made.  However, Canvas allows us one moment to know when a student posts.  Then if a student improves their post or adds replies there is no more notifications of new posts or replies so I can give a student a better grade for more effort.

Has anyone a setting to fix this?  Is this a Canvas problem or is it more my site that made this function this way?

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