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Grading written responses on a test

I assigned a quiz containing multiple choice and written responses.  When I enter the points for the written portions, the test does not accept the points. Near the bottom of the test it shows "fudge points."  When I add the points there they get calucated into the overall score, which is great.

However, the student test stays open for "grading"

1.  How do I enter points for the written responses in the appropriate places?

2.  Do I need to make adjustments in settings for this test/future tests containing multiple choice and written responses?

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Learner II

Hi Shazia, one of our instructors alerted us to an issue like this I've been able to replicate in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox! Are you by chance trying to type the score for the written responses and then hitting the Enter key on your keyboard? If so, that seems to be having some sort of glitch right now! Instead, can you try typing in the scores, scrolling to the bottom and clicking the "Update Scores" button?

All the best,
Danielle Casey

eLearning Program Coordinator

Lower Columbia College

(PS - If it is the Enter key that's giving you trouble, I recommend submitting or asking your Canvas admin to submit a ticket to Canvas. We've got one in already, but the more, the better!)