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In looking at the Faculty Center info on my dashboard for Agronomy 500, under the "grading" type, it says "student option".  I had assumed that the capstone course used an A-F grading system, but does "student option" mean it's to be graded on a Pass/Fail basis?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jrfisch ‌,

Welcome to the Canvas Community!!!

You have posted your question in the Canvas Community public forum.  This forum is designed to answer questions regarding how to use the Canvas Learning Management System.   As such, we do not have access to your courses or course content.  I would recommend contacting your instructor for more information regarding course specific questions like the one above.



Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jrfisch , greetings and welcome to the global Community of all Canvas users. Based on your question, it sounds like this is something specific for your school. Because of that you would want to contact someone there to see if they can assist you with this question.