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Group Columns in Gradebook


I relatively new to Canvas and I could do with some guidance.

In a course with one assignment, which is set for anonymous grading, and one assignment group on the assignment page, when I mark student submissions in SpeedGrader they are anonymous and the allocated marks are not showing in the relevant column in the GradeBook (which is what i want).  But the awarded marks are showing in the column which belongs to the assignment group.  So as I award a mark of say 50% to "Student 11" in SpeedGrader, no mark shows in the assignment column in the GradeBook, but a mark is showing in the assignment group column in the GradeBook.

This defeats the purpose of anonymous marking as Teachers should not be able to identify the students until marking and moderation is complete...why else mark anonymously?

Am I missing something?  There seems to be no way to prevent the marks from being posted into the column associated with the assignment group.  Just to recap, no weightings have been applied to the assignment group.

Is there any way of not showing the assignment group columns in the GradeBook or preventing marks being added to the column before the assignment is de-anonymised or the marks are posted to students?



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