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Group Graded Discussion Not Working Properly

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On several of my graded group discussions, some students have managed to post to the discussion mainpage rather than in their groups.  This meant that their posts did not show up in Speedgrader, causing some understandable consternation on the part of those students.  How is it possible for them to post to the mainpage?

Here's an example:  2018-05-02_1124 



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frankel, you remind me to always ask if the user is on a mobile app or a browser.  So many students and teachers are on mobile devices, which have their own unique problems, particularly with groups.

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I had this issue in my course as ell. I learned (through my own investigation) that my issue was due to late enrolled students. They did not automatically populate into the groups I set up I solved the problem by going to "People" and clicking on the individual groups for each discussion section, and dragging the names on the left (people who were not in groups) and putting them into the group of my choice. Easy peasy fix! Now I know to check this as the first week of courses is underway. I also do a final check after add/drop enrollment. 

Hope this helps!


I am running into this issue and so far it's been the simple problem that Kona mentioned: if a student is not in a group (we generally have them self-enroll) then even though the discussion is properly set up as a group discussion, if they go to post while not in a group, they see a very misleading opportunity (see screen capture below) to respond that won't show up in Speedgrader.  Their post goes into the "general" area where no one but instructors (or other students not yet in a group) can see it. Then, when the student properly joins a group, they lose the ability to see their own post. 

It seems obvious that if group discussion is enabled, Canvas should require students to be a member of a group before posting. 

screenshot showing misleading opportunity to post

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The bug I see here is that Canvas is unable to track ungrouped discussion posts in the speedgrader.

Group assignments allow either group or individual submissions. Graded discussions should work the same way.