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Group Peer Assessment using Canvas Quiz, Likert Scale

Can we use RANK or POLLING functions for Group Quiz?

Task: Peer Assessment of Group and Individual members by entire class

Scenario: There may be about 5 Groups, each group has 4 Members. They are presenting Groupwork pptx using Kucha-Pecha pptx. Once a group completes its presentation, then entire cohort takes a Quiz (as shown below). After quiz, next group takes the stage and present their work and then this group will under go Quiz for their assessment. Then follows remaining groups...  At the end of all groups, we collect the results and grade each person.

I use 'Rank Likert scale' polling using EVS clickers from TurningPoint technologies and their companion pptx slides.  

5 Questions per group. All questions are already explained to audience, now they should give Rank to each group and its members. Audience will see ONE question at a time, total 5 Questions per group. All participants Press any number between 1 to 5 (5 being highest, 1 lowest). Each question will appear for a very short time (i.e., <10 seconds ) and then Quiz halts.

Q1: How did group #X performed? 

Q2: Presenter #1 performance  

Q3: Presenter #2 performance  

Q4: Presenter #3 performance  

Q5: Presenter #4 performance  

Note: Assessor uses laptop for EVS quiz and Desktop for Group Presentation. In-class resources are set and switching display is just pressing a key.

Final results are displayed as Bar Chart (and automatically saved in cvs format). We complete the Peer assessment of each Group by entire class 


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