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Group discussion project sharing

I have a faculty member that is trying to have a group discussion where each group is working on a different project but she wants each group to be able to share their project with ALL groups and be able to comment on ALL group's projects.  I cannot figure out how to do this in Canvas. Please help!

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A faculty member I was working with today asked a similar question.  He wanted to know if he set up a group discussion, is there a way after the discussion was closed and graded to share all each group's posts with all the other groups (in other words, making each group's discussion open to the entire class)?

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Have a Discussion that is open to all sections of the class. Here, all students can Reply with files of their projects. You might need to enable student file sharing in Discussions: go to Course > Click Settings > Click Couse Details > at the bottom click More Options > check "Let students attach files to discussions"

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