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Surveyor II

HELP: Fill In the Blank: Multiple Correct Answers with Levenshtein Distance

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to create a fill in the blank with multiple correct answers that are also checked by Levenshtein distance.

For Example. 

Question: Name one phylum of protists with a photosynthetic organism.

Possible Answers:  

euglenozoa           I want this one to be Levenshtein Distance Checked

viridiplantae             I want this one to be Levenshtein Distance Checked

dinoflagellate            I want this one to be Levenshtein Distance Checked


The student would only enter one answer and it would check for all three and if it finds a match it would count it correct while using the Levenshtein distance. I think this is a simple feature why is this not a option, or am I missing something? Please Help @Stefanie@ctitmus  @kmeeusen @bcrook @James  or How do I create a Fill in the Blank question in New Quizzes?  anyone.

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Navigator II

I believe that, for now, you will have to chose between "close enough" with one response and "specify correct answers" with unlimited correct answers.  You then could include your three correct answers and common mis-spellings all as correct answers.  If students come up with a different mis-spelling that you chose to accept you would still need to regrade the question.

It does say that "specify correct answers" uses regular expressions, and the regular expression option describes custom search patterns.  As a result it may be possible to describe each of your 3 correct answers in a regular expression that allows spelling variations... I don't know enough about regular expressions to even begin, but I found this:   and