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HTML Editor for novices

What would you recommend as a stand-alone HTML editor for a novice?

I have a teacher who wants to design their own course home page outside of the Canvas editor. They have no prior HTML experience. I don't think they will be doing this more than once a year. Is there an HTML editor (online or windows app) that I can point them to?


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 @szachariah  it may not be suitable for a novice, but I use Notepad++ as my text editor since it color-codes my tags and allows for indentation and improved readability. One issue to be aware of when editing outside of Canvas is that your institution's custom CSS may apply or overwrite formatting so the page may look different when posted to Canvas than it does outside of Canvas.


Notepad++ is a good choice for Windows, as are Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text, which also work for OSX.

There is also a community tool for doing this inside Canvas with a browser extension. Which might address  @audra_agnelly 's concern about it being 'too much' for a novice, and could make dealing the local CSS settings easier for the user.

HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter 

carroll-ccsd‌, the HTML Syntax Highlighter has just changed my world!!! When a teacher breaks their page, I usually have to copy and paste the HTML into Notepad++ to more easily read the HTML and locate the issue. I'm blown away that I can now apply formatting within Canvas. Christmas has come early, thank you for sharing that post!!!

Holy Moly! How did I miss this post coming out last year! Musta been because I got a new job and then went on a vacation. Oh man, so I've been suffering through all this heavy duty course design stuff that I did this year with worrying my brain and squinting at lines of text that all look too similar!

I'm like Audra Agnelly and celebrating this wonderful gift now! Hmmm but will I tell the other members of my team... Smiley Wink

Thanks so much!!
Cheers - Shar

Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @szachariah , if the instructor's goal is to develop a design outside of Canvas and then copy and paste the resulting HTML into a Canvas page, please make sure they're mindful of the Canvas HTML Editor Whitelist PDF  during the design process. A piece of code that might look fine in an outside application might also contain HTML that is not supported by the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE).