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HTML5 cannot be uploaded into Canvas Files since mid August: how to solve?

We use screencasts of all the exercises that we make in Excel.

We used to upload flash files, but changed to HTML5 a few years ago as the browsers do not allow flash any more.

HTML5 is uploaded via a very ordinary .zip file that contains a small index.html, an assets file... When uploading we ticked 'unzip' and we could link to the index files so that students could see our screencasts. It worked for years.

Since mid august we do not succeed in uploading HTML5 files any more into Canvas. It is unzipping but not uploading all files. 

An example of a zip file with very short screencast can be downloaded here.

Anyone who has an idea how to bypass this issue? Or what the reason might be that Canvas is not compatible with HTML5 any more?

Pieter (from Antwerp)


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