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Half of my classes SYNC to PowerTeacherPro and half do not. How can I resolve this?

I have used CANVAS and PowerTeacher and now PowerTeacher Pro without problem the last four, five years.

As we began third quarter this year, I noticed an issue with SYNCING that I can not resolve.

I have four classes.

The assignments and grades for Third Quarter populate in PowerTeacherPro in my first and fourth core classes. All assignments are displayed in the Assignments List and all grades flow from Canvas to PTP.

However, I have nothing for my second and third core classes.

None of the seven assignments populated under the Assignments List.

I manually populated second and third cores by going into the Assignments List in first core and copying all the assignments to second and third cores.

Even with the assignments manually inserted into second and third cores, the grades still are not populating in those two cores in PTP when I SYNC.

Does anyone know what is happening and how I can resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance.

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