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Help on seeing the activity of students, opening or downloading a document in modules.

I posted a couple of documents. I want to see which students opened the document on Canvas. 

I was searching Analytics to see how to do this. 

Is there a way to see the activity around a document in modules?

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Learner II

Hi Elisabeth!

I don't know of a way to track activity on a specific document in Canvas. One way to try and make it work is to add that document directly to a module, then use Module Requirements to force students to click through that module (including the document). Module Requirements adds a Progress button to the Modules page, so you could see what a student has and hasn't clicked.

You can also check individual student activity using the Access Report: 

Community Team
Community Team, check out the View Resources Tab section of How do I view weekly online activity analytics in a data table in New Analytics? which explains how to access page views for a specific resource, including files, in the course.

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