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Help with Quiz content window width

Is there any way to increase the width of "classic" quiz windows? There is a big discrepancy between the question development display and the student display. To begin with, I usually work with my screen at 80% zoom so that I can see more on my laptop. When I build a question, it looks like there is enough width and I can properly format the image and the text. However, when I actually look at what the students get, it is significantly narrowed. The quiz content boxes barely fill half of the width of the computer screen. This is a ton of wasted space that could be used to display questions.


Canvas quizzes are used for more than just the classic text-based multiple choice tests where narrow is actually better. People are trying to build lab exercises and more complex assignments that include images, tables, figures, and text. A wider window is needed for such things.

So, is there a workaround or a magic button to press? If I can't do anything about the width, what is the optimal way to view the question development page so that what I build is exactly what the students get?

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I think this difference may be caused by the 80% zoom.  In either student or instructor view, approximately the  same amount of my screen is used by the question, but as I lower from 100% to 67% the width of the question increases at each step.  Designing a question that is not text based at 80% zoom for your students to view at 100% zoom, would show them a narrower question box.  For those questions, it might be best to set your zoom to 100% while editing.

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