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Help with Watermark VIA Integration

Hello everyone,

I am a new Canvas admin and I am new to the Canvas Community, so if I am asking this in the wrong place, please feel free to redirect me. Our Education Department recently entered into a contract with Watermark for their VIA portfolio solution. As we are trying to integrate it into Canvas (must be done with an external tool link for each assignment in each course in each section that is to be submitted to VIA), we continue to have multiple problems. I am curious if there are other Universities out there that are successfully using this product and what tips or suggestions you might could provide? Thanks in advance!

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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @jknippers  (and a slightly belated)  Welcome to Canvas and the Canvas Community! I don't have an immediate answer for you, but wanted to let you know that I've shared this question with the Canvas Admins‌ and Higher Education‌ groups to get more sets of eyes on it. You don't need to join those groups to see their answers appear here, but if you'd like to join them, you can easily do so by navigating to the group home page and selecting Join Group from the Actions dropdown at the upper right of the page.

Also, since your question is more on the order of an open-ended discussion than a question that will elicit a single correct response, I've flipped the format accordingly.

It's great to have you here!

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for sharing! We have reached out to you but wanted to be able to provide a response for others here. There are couple items to note that should help.

1. If you set the assignment in Via to be opened as a frame within the Canvas environment, you will receive ‘warnings about content being blocked’ (Firefox) or a blank Frame (Chrome). In this case, you can create the link so that it opens in a new tab or window, which should solve that.

2. Regardless of the browser used, you may also come up against a 'Resource Not Found' message in Via. If you do, the issue is related to user setup in Via – meaning, some students could be missing from their Groups in Via which is causing the issue. Once they are added to their proper Groups, that should resolve the issue.

Please let us know if this along with our outreach has helped. We want to be sure we get you the support you need. There are definitely schools using Via integrated with Canvas, so we'd love to help. Please feel free to reach out to us directly at and we can talk more.

Thank you!