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Hide Inactive students cluttering "People"?

I've tried to find a solution to this problem in the forum in the past, but nothing works for me.

I have all these students who've dropped my classes showing up in "people" as students still.  It's maddening since I use "people" to see how active my current enrollees are. 

Seems like there should be a simple setting to hide these inactive students.  But do not see one.


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Surveyor II

If they have dropped your class you can take them out of people and you will still be able to see them through prior enrollments.

1. click on the three dots all the way on the right side of your screen across from the student's name.

2. choose "user details"

3. under memberships it has an option to "conclude" the students enrollment. Once you click it their information will be archived and they won't show up under people anymore

You can always restore a student if they end up back in your class again or you choose the wrong student on accident!

I hope this helps! 😊