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Hiding linked and published course material from student view on modules

Is there a way to have a page linked to an assignment and other tabs such as files, quizzes, etc, and not display the linked tabs on the modules? It gets confusing to a student when they see 2 or 3 things posted under a course for one day when all there needs to be is one thing posted that can link to other tabs. As it stands now everything must be published and visible to the students to allow access, but a simple "hide" button could allow other links to be published without being seen by students. 

This would be particularly helpful because the Immersive Reader feature is only available on Pages. My student has a disability and can't read well, so being able to use Immersive Reader to read the assignment from a Page is very helpful, however I also integrate Kami into the Assignments part of your program and link every assignment to the original page. Now I constantly have 2 things listed under a particular course every day, when there only needs to be one posted. This can be a great program for students with disabilities, but there needs to be more focus on easy navigation and less clutter on the modules. 

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Hello @jr117  do you have a picture of what you mean?  You can hyperlink any aspect of Canvas to a page.  Canvas uses unique URLs so every URL is unique to whatever you are looking at.  You can also control the navigation menu for what students see.  So something that is very common is to hide the majority of the course navigation menu (assignments, quizzes, etc) and then have a home page or module view be how they navigate to what they need.  This gives you control over what they see when and just because they can't access the assignments button does not mean they can't access the assignments.




The first screenshot is the home page that students see when they click on a specific course. We have this student's home page broken up into individual days due to a learning disability. Under Biology 1B there are two items with the same title: Genetics Project All Week. One is a Page(screenshot 2) that has links to Assignments into which I have integrated Kami in the external tools. I need to make a Page because this student can't read so he uses Immersive Reader on the Page to read the assignment, but Kami integration only works with Canvas through the external tool feature available in an Assignment. So I need both a Page and an Assignment that is linked to that Page. My student does not need to see the Assignment, since it is accessible through the Page, but as things stand they both have to show up on his Home or Module view in order for one to be able to link to the other. I would like to "Publish" the Assignment but not have it show up on the Home or Module view so he only sees the Page that I have created and he can access the links to the Assignment tab through that Page. This way it looks like much less "work" for the student, there does not need to be multiple things going into the Calendar for the same assignment. One of the biggest complaints from students in multiple school districts near me is that Canvas is so confusing because there are so many things listed under their Course modules. Any way to simplify the number of dropdowns that appear below a subject would be very welcome!
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@jr117 Sorry I did not see your response sooner!  Have you ever tried making a custom homepage?  Basically you design a page the way you want and set it as the "front page" then, on the home page go to "Choose Home Page" and choose what you set as the front page.  Since you are already building weekly pages, you could just change which one is the "front page" each week.  This way students don't see the module view.  This method gives you pretty much 100% control over what students see and if the item is published, it does not matter whether or not they can get to it through another tab.

We actually hide most of the course navigation and then use custom homepages to restrict the view.  Some people that go nuts actually switch the homepage daily so students only see that day's stuff (more common in elementary).  On the courses I build for training the only button I show is the "Home" button and then I use pages and links to control the flow/path for everyone.

Canvas offers a ton of tools and options and if you have all of them available it can be very overwhelming.  I work now in higher ed after 15 years in K-12 and I recently showed a college student what a course looks like that we have not locked down (we use blueprints to "restrict" what students see in their classes) and it blew her mind.

Please reach back out if this does not address your concern or you would like to talk more!