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Hiding previous courses so they don't show up

How do I eliminate or hide past courses from the canvas system? or is there an archive that the courses can be put into?  

Thank you,

Mr. Hanley

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello and welcome to the Canvas Community!  You can customize the view of your dashboard by determining which courses you would like to appear as course cards. This is done by starring/favoriting those you would like to appear and is described in this document, How do I customize my Courses list as an instructor?  Conveniently, this can be changed at any time so if you hide a course, you can later have this appear again.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

Explorer III

The easiest way to "hide" courses from your dashboard is to go into your Courses tab, and choose "All Courses," then uncolor the star of the course you'd like to remove from your dashboard. Anything NOT colored will still show in your Courses, but won't clutter up your Dashboard.

Your administrator also has the ability to decide what courses would show for your in All courses.

Hope this helps!


I believe only the administrator can delete the completed courses. I have to give a list to my admin to ask them to clear those out.