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Home Navigation Removal No Longer Available

This isn’t a complaint, but a query to the community. 

I prefer gaining screen real estate by disabling all navigation menus. The latest change now stops the home from being disabled on new courses; thus, taking away the ability to regain the screen space. 

I can import an older course with it disabled— overcoming this change but this change wipes out new teachers in our district having the ability to remove that navigation. 

I believe that someone posted a way to keep the navigation off but that wouldn’t be at the teacher level. 

What do you think? Is there a way to overcome this change? Is it a big deal or is everybody using the navigation?

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Hi Layne.  Thanks for your statement about importing an older course to overcome the Home Nav. update.  Now I am wondering if sharing an older course in Canvas Commons‌ with your new teachers could be a work around?


Yes that might work - if they have a suitable blank course - but we really shouldn't have to be doing this - why turn off a feature that is optional?

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Hi guys, yes it is very annoying that they have decided to disable this feature - they haven't given a good explanation as to why, but I suspect it may be to do with the mobile apps rather than desktops - i.e. if you turn the navigation menus off then the app doesn't work. We don't recommend the app to our students - they use the normal website in desktop view mode. As I knew this was coming I made several blank courses with all of the navigation hidden - so I can use these as templates to create new ones. 

There is however one line code you can add to your custom.js file:


This will auto-hide the left navigation menu on all pages - the user then has to open it to use it. All of our courses have the left navigation menu hidden and we use css to create graphical menus with editable text overlays as navigation - I have posted a how-to but it hasn't been moderated yet - but the initial discussion, ideas and code are here.


Of course it would make much more sense to Canvas to make the left navigation menu sticky - in other words that it stays hidden until you show it again and visa versa - seems like basic common sense to me, but good luck trying to get enough votes for it Smiley Sad


Thank you, Tony!  I was looking for the idea but ran out of time. This isn’t really a good time of the year for this type of change; it’s finals time in this neck of the woods. 

I’ve sent this to our tech team and let’s hope it’s added. 

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You can also add the following to your custom.css file to increase the available screen width globally - but it affects all pages, the last two lines are optional - they will move the right navigation below the main content. You can change the width to suit your tastes etc - however this is a drastic thing to have to do to get your screen space back when it could just be an option etc...

body:not(.full-width):not(.outcomes) .ic-Layout-wrapper {
max-width: 2500px

My impression is that Canvas are not very flexible when it comes to allowing people to make different choices about how they want to present or layout their learning materials, and their opaque voting system makes it very difficult to get even the simplest changes made... Smiley Sad