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Surveyor II

How To Set All Submissions = 1, All Missing = 0

My assignment: Assignment is Optional; Submit X pictures of your progress

Canvas gradebook: Some students submit, some don't. Canvas classifies uploads as something that "needs manual grading"

What I want to do: Mark all submissions as 1 point (without reviewing/Speed-Grader-ing) and leave all non-submissions as blank (or, if need be, 0 is fine).


I can't seem to make sense of a combination of default grades nor late submission policies to allow myself to grade all submissions with the same grade (NOTE: I have no due date for this assignment, since it's a semester-long opportunity, so "late policy" seems hard to use without a due date defined)

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Try grading it out of 1 (you need a mark) and then setting it as complete/incomplete. The students will get the green tick. You should be able to see the green tick. If you download it, anyone who has submitted has a 1. 

Surveyor II

Thanks @sharon_kitching! I had it counting as 1 point, but had it set as "Points" many drop-down menus, I missed the one hiding in plain sight 🙂

However, despite changing to "Complete/Incomplete", I still get the little  mo_woods_0-1614097080078.png icon in all of the grade slots... I do get a choice of Green Check or Black X when I click on each slot (along with ungraded and excused) but it still looks like I'd need to go through and "approve" all submissions individually...

Any suggestions on how to get it to "Mark All Submissions As Complete"?