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How To Set Up An External Tools Globally as an Admin


In the admin account, how does one set up an external tool for a big group of people so the instructors do not need to manually do it? 



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Hi @Anonymous ,

This one does fall under the umbrella of "it depends"...  Some apps aren't setup to be globally installed at all because their configurations connect a course one-to-one to a specific app url.  For apps that do work globally, you might take a look at the How do I use the App Center guide to see if the app is available from the App Center.  If not, the app vendor should generally give you instructions for installation (which will again vary widely depending on their setup, which LTI version they are using, etc).

If there is a specific app you're looking to install, could you reply and let us know which one it is?  Someone might be able to find some instructions or more relevant info for you.

Hope this helps a bit!


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Hi @Anonymous ,

I can say for sure that Perusall is available from the Apps tab.  We have it installed here in our root account, so I can't go through the steps again but I don't remember it being difficult to install at all.