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How accurate is 'Page Views' Analytics

We came across an issue where we were proctoring tests in person. A student did not have a SCORM grade assignment recorded even though we saw the student access the page. I checked the student's page analytics and it did not show that the student visited the page. Upon further investigation, most student's page views analytics do not show that the student visited that page.

Because of this, I ran some tests of my own and I can't quite grasp how the page views analytics work. I tested it with one of our dummy accounts and with the dummy account I was viewing content pages, quizzes, assignments, etc. and analytics was not capturing all of them and I could not determine why it was recording some pages and not others. I gave it ~30 minutes after I did the testing to check the page views and it was showing about one out of every four page views.

I found a forum question from earlier this year where Canvas' response wasThe course page view analytics records any access by a user to the course - this includes the instructor role (or in this case, admin role) as well. Anything that is accessed within a Canvas course is recorded as a page view, so just so long as there isn't a link that leads to an external site, anything that a student clicks on within that course can be recorded.


Judging by this response, it looks as if the analytics capture everything. But in my case, it does not.

Can anyone elaborate on this further? Is anyone else having the same issue? Is there a report that shows the analytics on a more accurate and detailed level? This is potentially an issue as we can't accurately determine course access.


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Community Coach
Community Coach,

For a question of this nature, it would be best to get an official answer from Instructure Support.  I would recommend using the Help > Report a Problem link to open a trouble ticket.  Support will be able to look at what the student is doing and compare that to what is being reported on the Page Views.


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