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How accurate is the "last login" date and time stamp as shown on a student profile in a Canvas course?


I have a situation in a course where a student claims they were not on Canvas (they say they were asleep) during a crucial time (an exam) in a course. But on the student's Profile page (as accessed from the "People" page), I observed and recorded (as screen shots) the student's "last login" change twice during the time of the exam (see photo attached); identically, on the People page the same student's "last activity" updated as well to the same time moment on each occasion.  I am concerned that this means the student was awake and active during the exam. But from my school's Canvas IT support, there's no evidence of activity by that student during the time in question, based on the activity log reports generated by Canvas.  Is this possible? What is the exact meaning (data source) of the "last login" information that appears on the student Profile page and the "last activity" information on the People page?  If the student left their computer on and logged in to Canvas, but the student was not active on the computer, would there be some kind of automatic inspection (by Canvas) that might sweep by and see the student's computer logged in (from earlier), then report it as an updated login and updated activity?   

If this helps, this is what I'm looking at: The "Last login" info on the student's profile and the "Last Activity" info on the People page.  The image below shows my view of the pages at two different times.  The first line was screen captured at 9:50AM and the second was screen captured at 10:45AM. These are both really close to the "Last Activity" times shown in the screen grabs, so one thought I have is that each time I visit the People page, the "Last activity" column (which matches exactly the "Last Login" info the student's info page) updates to match current time if the student's profile is still logged in, whether or not the student has been active.  I may have been staring at the People page for a minute or two before thinking to make the screen grab in each case, which might account for the minor time lag.

Any insights you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you for your help.

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I have a similar question. Hopefully someone can help.