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How are you handling the importance of student feedback?

Feedback is vital to improvement. In my view, a student may still require guidance even if the student answers a question correctly on an assessment. This is because the student may have guessed or was uneasy about the answer. The feedback area of a question deserves just as much attention as the question itself. It’s an opportunity to help solidify an answer or redirect a student’s thoughts. 

How do you handle the feedback area for a question?

My latest attempt is to add an extension question for a correct answer and a video walkthrough, embed lecture slides, or redirect students to a worksheet or Canvas page. Here is an example:


Of course, all of this takes time to enter and maintain but the feedback area is just as vital to a student as the question. 

Have you tried adding misconceptions? Have you figured out if there is “too much” added? Have you gone beyond “good job” and received recognition for it from students?

A sticking point for me is the general feedback. Maybe a quick chart showing the range of students getting the question right or wrong would help students not feel bad for missing a question. Another thought is to simply add a motivational quote. What do you include?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi lph‌ - great topic!

You have really put the effort in with your feedback, and it all pays off! Feedback is vital and I think the power of it is overlooked a lot of the time. 

Some solid suggestions were made in this discussion initiated by  @rachael_donalds ‌ 

Excellent link. I can’t believe I’ve missed that discussion. This site has so many good posts. Thank you for providing the link. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Yes lphthere's loads of goodness here. You have just added to it.

Can't wait to hear more about what you do with Canvas. 

 @Bobby2 ,

I see the bare URL link to the discussion and wonder if you have you gotten bitten by the recent change to the Community software where links don't automatically get converted to the title of the page? I have, but I discovered if I hold the shift key when I press Ctrl-V for paste, then it goes ahead and looks up the title instead of just pasting the URL (tested with Chrome and Firefox on a PC, I haven't tested it with Safari).

Community Coach
Community Coach

You are a clever thing  @James ‌. Thank you for sharing yet more wisdom. 

You are my guinea pig here - BINGO!