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How can I, as an Instructor, see the timestamp of when I posted an assignment?

I would like to be able to go through past assignments to see when they are posted. How can I find this information?

Thank you.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

What do you mean by "when they were posted?" Do you mean when they were created? If so then there isn't a way on the front end of Canvas to do this. I'm pretty sure Canvas Support (Help --> Report a Problem) can find this information, so you could contact them and see if they could help.

Community Team
Community Team

It's been a while since you posted your question,  @lgs ​; was Canvas Support able to get you the information you need?

Surveyor II

 @lgs ​ I am not aware of an easy way to get timestamp information about assignments from the UI.

There is more detailed information available through the API, take a look at this API call:

The call to "List Assignments" returns the date the assignment was created and the date the assignment was last modified.

I'm not sure if this is exactly what ,you are looking for, but hopefully helps.

 @lgs ​,

To add to what  @garth ​ wrote, if by "posted" you mean "published", then you're out of luck.

There is a timestamp for when the assignment was created and another for when it was last updated, but only quizzes have a timestamp for when the quiz was published.

Admins have access to user page views and to Canvas Data, but the information about published is not stored there, either. The call to publish or unpublish is done through the API and those don't show up as page views. They might show up in the Canvas Data, but not in a way that distinguishes a publish/unpublish request from any other edit to the assignment -- they use the same API and the contents of the request aren't shown.

If the time when the assignment was created is going to work, then there is a little trick you can play to help avoid messing with the API. The trick is to take the URL for the assignment and add /api/v1 at the beginning before the /courses

If this is the location for your assignment ...

then you would change it to ...

The output will not be nice looking, but if you do a find (ctrl-f or cmd-f) and look for created_at, you can get the information.


In this example, the green "created_at" was what I searched for and the yellow timestamp is when it was created. Note that all dates are in UTC and not in your local time zone.

Community Team
Community Team

 @lgs , you've got some great answers here, so I'm marking the question as Assumed Answered. If you found one of them to be uniquely correct, please click on the Mark Correct button next to the appropriate answer--and if you still need help with this, please feel free to post a reply.