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How can I enter grades in a module?

I cannot enter grades into one of the modules for my course.  I have been able to enter grades for the rest of the modules so maybe this one is not built correctly in the course.  How can I enter grades for this one?

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Hi bobbi-whelan@utc.edu.  It sounds like you have been entering grades in the Grades tab or Speedgrader for assignments in other modules, but it is worth mentioning that one must grade either in the Grades tab or through the Speedgrader, not directly in Modules as from Modules there is no direct way to enter grades.  Have you checked to see if the assignments you are looking to grade are unpublished?  Unpublished assignments normally will not appear in the Grades tab.  This document demonstrates how to publish/unpublish assignments, How do I use Draft State in Assignments?.  Might this explain what you are experiencing?