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How can I make Pear Deck results from students visible to other teachers in the course?

I have created a Pear Deck lesson, I have embedded it into Canvas.  Everything looks great, just the way I wanted it to.  I can see the students responses and give feedback, all in Canvas.  As a standalone teacher it seems that these two resources really make life easier in a virtual setting.  

Then comes the let down.  In an attempt to share workload and not get bogged down with all the added work that the new reality brings I tried to share the lesson with my fellow teachers.  I am a teacher in their courses, I can see all student work that's done in Canvas.  The listed teacher in that course can't see any of the student work for the assignment I've created using the Pear Deck LTI.  The message reads you aren't the teacher.  

This is two-fold disappointing, the first is that it means that added steps need to be taken to work as a team in a school.  The second is that while we are making the move to co-teaching if these resources are used in combination one teacher is still the lead teacher, leaving one of the teachers to be second class.  This doesn't create an effective co-teaching environment.  

I am a middle school math teacher that is in a virtual setting for the beginning of the 20/21 school year.

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I am going to second this -- I have co-teachers in several classes who cannot access this work.  They really need to be able to act as a teacher as well as me.  Co-teacher functionality is huge and desperately needed.

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