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How can I make an assignment/quiz/discussion fall off or disappear from a student "to do" list once the assignment is closed?

I added end dates to all my Canvas assignments (created and assigned between 3/13 – 4/19) to make them disappear from students’ to-do lists. However, when I checked on student view to make sure they had actually disappeared, I could still see them listed. They just were not accessible. Any ideas on how I can actually make them disappear?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @bfeist 

Thanks for posting your question! Apologies that it's taken us a while to respond with an answer. I did some looking at our current Canvas Guides related to the To Do sidebar, and I found this line in How do I use the To Do list and sidebar in the Dashboard as a student? 

Once the due date has passed, items remain in this section for four weeks.

I believe that, unless the student completes the to-do item, OR if the assignment is not graded or does not require an online submission, the above line applies. (In the event of the not-graded and no-submission items, the to-do items disappear from the list after the due date.)

Hopefully this helps clarify the behavior you're seeing in Canvas. If there's anything I can do to help clarify further, please let me know. 



Thanks for your reply.  My concern is items remaining on the to do list even though the assignment is no longer accessible to the student.  When I include an available from date with a due date, the assignment stays on the to do list after they can no longer access it.  My thinking was it should drop off the to do list when they can no longer access it.  A small work around this issue is clearing the to do list for each item when the available from date ends.  It is a small step I can handle, but it would be nice if the assignment dropped off on its own once the available from date passes.  


Brandon Feist