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How can I manage multiple students as an observer?

I added two students and every class for every student is listed individually.  That is obnoxious!  Is there some way to create "folders?"  For example, each of Jordyn's classes is listed in Jordyn's folder or something of the sort. 

I need to add 24 students so this is pretty important.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @RayneC -

Unfortunately, there is not a way to group courses by the student on the dashboard. Though, it's a great idea! It seems related to Parents: toggle view between children. Right now, you can color-code and nickname your courses. Another thing to watch for is that your dashboard will only allow you to house/favorite a certain number of courses. That's not ideal when you're observing lots of students.

Have you explored the Canvas Parent app? It's free! It also makes it really easy to switch between students...and view them one at a time. What is the Canvas Parent app?