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How can I remove a resource from my Imported folder in Canvas Commons?

I want to remove a Canvas Commons resource that I had placed in my "Imported" folder in my Canvas Commons, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this. The button to remove a resource from the Favorites folder is obvious and provided in multiple locations. Why not the same for the Imported folder?

I can't find an answer to this anywhere in the community pages or other online resources. Is it impossible to remove items from this folder? If so, to what purpose?

Thanks for your time.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @TLeff1er ...

You may be misunderstanding what the "Imported" area of Canvas Commons is for.  Per this Guide, How do I view my imported and shared resources in ... - Canvas Community, the "Imported" area of Canvas Commons just lists content you have imported into Canvas course shells...sorted by the most recent date.  In the blue box at the top of this Guide, it states, "If you need to remove a resource imported through Commons, navigate to the corresponding area in your course and delete it there. For example, to remove an imported assignment, navigate to the Assignments Index Page in your course to delete the assignment from the list."

Does this help at all?