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How can I remove assignment category percentages?

I've had one major issue with the Canvas gradebook for years, which is that I cannot hide the total percentages for a given assignment group. I (like many instructors I know) use a total points based system, and do not use percentages or weighting for any part of my grading scheme. Canvas allows a switch to points-based grades, but still displays an un-editable, un-removable column in the gradebook displaying a percentage for each assignment group: 331306_stupid columns.png

Worse still, when a student checks their own grade, they also see these percentages at the bottom of the table, right above their total points:

331307_stupid percents.png

These percentages are NOT representative of the student's total grade, since the assignment groups are worth different total points, and are incredibly misleading to all but the most attentive and math-inclined students. I have written posts in these question forums in the past regarding this issue, and responded in sympathy to other instructors across the nation who have posted their frustrations about this issue. And before anyone brings it up, no, I can't just remove all assignment groups because I need to use the "drop lowest score" feature for both quizzes and exams. This has caused enough confusion in my courses over the past few years that I even have a statement built into my syllabus, specifically telling the students to ignore any percentages they see when they look up their grades. 

Fast forward to this quarter, when I see that there is a gradebook overhaul incoming which adds many features and options. I was excited by this until actually switching over to the new gradebook... where I see that these percentage category totals are STILL THERE AND STILL CANNOT BE REMOVED! It truly cannot be that difficult to program an option to simply hide these percentages in the gradebook or to students. Please please help us instructors that use points-based grading!

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Also just to get out in front of another common answer that is not helpful: the option to "hide totals in student grade summary" is not an option either. Because while that hides these percentages, it also hides the student's total course grade at the same time! Argh!
331308_hidden totals.png

SO much THIS! I have this exact problem and it is very frustrating. Please make the option to remove/ hide the tags!

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Community Coach

 @chuber ,

Unfortunately, being able to hide Group percentages, but not the Total Score is not an option at this time in the Canvas Gradebook.  There are a number of feature requests out there similar to this that have been archived: 

There is one that is open that is similar, but not exactly what you are looking for: 


So, there are 8 requests for this feature that you were able to quickly find, and probably more overall. Considering that this request does not propose a substantial change or new functionality added to Canvas, but to simply *not display a number* on the student's grade page, a lack of resolution in the long-awaited gradebook overhaul is disappointing. I suppose I will just continue to monitor the feature requests.

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Hi Craig,

Can you clarify why you are using the Assignment Groups to begin with?

My impression has always been that the primary reason that the Assignment Group function even exists is to allow for weighted grading by group/category.  So, it seems like there's no reason to even create additional "Homework", "Quizzes", and "Exams" assignment groups if you're not doing weighted grading, unless you are dropping lowest or highest grades from an assignment group.

You are still stuck with the default "Assignments" assignment group, which does display the overall percentage no matter what, but you could possibly replace that with a different name ("Overall"?) if it were less confusing. 


Hi Michael, I am indeed using the function to drop the lowest score from two of the groups (Quizzes and Exams in my case), which is really the only reason I am using assignment groups at all. I find that telling students to ignore the percentages in their grade summary is less of a headache than reminding them to manually subtract their lowest quiz and lowest exam (which if they don't, makes their grade appear higher...).

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the clarification, and that does make sense.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck suppressing the percentage display, either.  In my initial testing, I was getting a "N/A" in the percentage column when I left the assignment group percentage blank, but after additional testing, it seems to have been due to my grade posting policy, since the student in question didn't yet have any grades coming through yet, either.


As for the issue of the previous feature requests for this change, it's my understanding that Instructure's decision to implement those kinds of changes really depends on community votes regarding the request.  My guess is that those prior ideas/requestions did not necessary generate a lot of interest/support from the user community.


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This question is so important and so frustrating that it cannot be done in Canvas. Our prior LMS had the feature where you could hide any columns you wanted and still show the total if needed. I wish Canvas would add this feature.