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How can I restrict student access to course resources?

I'm building a course in which participants will be coming in from different entry points. They'll have completed one of three possible trainings with my organization and will be enrolling in this course for some follow-up support. My challenge is that we'd like to differentiate among the resources we provide to them based on their entry point. (If they've completed Training A, we want them to review certain materials and practice certain skills; if they've completed Training B, we want them to review other materials and practice other skills, etc.) We don't want them to view additional materials at this point.

Ideally I'd like to house all resources in one place and then simply restrict them to particular users. But I'm not sure how best to do this!

I don't think I can use Mastery Paths to set up conditional content pages without jumping through a lot of hoops in terms of how we set up the assessment instrument (I don't think we can set up a simple survey and have it send them in different directions--we'd have to get into creating right/wrong answers to generate point values, which complicates everything enormously).

I think I could set up separate file folders with link restrictions, but I don't think there is any way to share whole file folders with participants--I have to share individual links one by one, no?

I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice! Thank you so much!

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Community Coach , actually I think Mastery Paths would be perfect for this! If you see the following document I explain how to set this up so students could enter the course and take a quiz where they state which group they are in and then they’d go down that path - Hacking Mastery Paths

The link did not work, but I googled Hacking Mastery Paths