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How can I set my grade total to be a whole number instead of a decimal?

A students grade could be 59.99 and it will show as a failing grade. Any reasonable person would round this to a 60.00

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Not a fan of absolutes, and I will happily tell you why. My primary school requires grades calculated to two decimal places, and the two schools I teach for do the same. I suspect, although I can't prove it, that many others schools have similar policies. So I have a hard time imagining that all those folks are "unreasonable".

Be that as it may, there is a quite easy solution you can employ..........................

  • The Gradebook totals can be displayed as points, instead of as percentages, and the sum of any whole numbers always equals a whole number. Learn more at How do I use the Gradebook? 
  • Assignment scores can be set to display as points, and can produce a whole number value if they are graded as a whole number. Learn more at 
  • Quiz scores display as points, and will return a whole number score if the item values are set as whole numbers, and no partial scores result from the grading of multiple answer items, and if instructors always hand-score whole numbers for appropriate question items.

Now, having never tried this, I am not sure if a grading scheme can be developed based on whole numbers, and I do not have the time to test that right now, but I guess that if not then final letter grades could be calculated manually.

An even easier route might be to simply dump a couple fudge point in there to force the grade up to the desired breaking points.

I hope this helps,


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Hey,‌! Would a grading scheme work for you? Check out How do I enable a grading scheme for a course?


Thanks,‌ !

That was the link I for got to add! I have never experimented with a points-based grading scheme, but may have to since I doubt if this is the last time someone will have a related question.



The examples in the Canvas guides show all scores as integers, including grading schemes. However, if you want Canvas to simulate rounding for you, then you need to put in decimals.

If you want a 90, 80, 70, 60 scale, then enter 89.5, 79.5, 69.5, and 59.5 for the cutoffs.

Note that this won't actually round their score, it will still be 59.99, but the grade will display as a D instead of an F.


I tried doing this, but then I found that Canvas doesn't save my grading schemes, so I have to re-enter the scheme from scratch for each course every semester.  This is idiotic.



Canvas will copy and implement the grading scheme if you do a complete course copy. It does not if you do a selective copy of the content -- even if you select all of the content.


Thanks for your answer.  I rarely do a full course copy, and anyway that doesn't solve the problem when teaching a new course.  I'll make suggestion that they make it easier to import grading schemes.