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How can I view and export grades for one specific student?

I have a student who left the school.  Before I remove him from his course enrollments, I would like to download his grades and share them with school admin.  Is there a quick way that I can do that as a Canvas admin without having to go through each individual course that he is enrolled in?  Thanks!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

rpsimon, greetings! On the front end of Canvas, no, there isn't a way to do this other than course by course. On the back-end of Canvas, using some programming, yes, I'm pretty sure there is a way to do this, but that's beyond my area of expertise. If you are interested in learning about the back-end way to do this, let us know and we can share this question with the Canvas Developers‌ group, who are experts in the back-end programming side of Canvas. 


Community Member

If the course enrollments are still active, you can masquerade as the student and select 'View Grades' so access the course grades in one printable screen. It's simplified but may serve your needs. Beyond that, you could select each course from that screen to access the gradebook if you need detailed information, but then you're jumping between courses which sounds like it may be a time sink.

Our institution passes grades back with our SIS (PowerSchool), so we simply print from the SIS since it handles concluded enrollments for transferred out students a little more intuitively. Good luck!


Hi rpsimon,

If you don't mind JSON, you can quickly grab everything from the by student endpoint of the Grade Change Log API: Grade Change Log - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

If your teachers are using Outcomes, the Student Competency Report and Outcomes Results reports will also show all the assignments/grades, but if they aren't using it or aren't using it consistently, they won't be populated.

If you just want final/grading period grades and not individual assignment grades, you can also download the standard Grade Export or MGP Grade Export report from the admin panel and filter on the student's ID.