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How can we fix the issue where students can create their own conference?

We ran a virtual training through Canvas and Big Blue Button for teachers. We sent out invites and had some teachers attend. Some of the teachers were unable to see the conference we have provided. *all were invited. Somehow teachers (listed as student roles) were able to create another conference and could not see ours. How can we fix it so where students are invited can access the conference run by us and not be able to create another conference while still being able to take part in discussions and so on? Thanks. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @corey_talbott , and  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

This permission can be managed under the Permissions link in the Admin navigation menu, at "Web Conferences - create". 


I hope this helps,


Adventurer III

Hi Corey,

The ability to create new Conferences is controlled by the "Web Conferences - Create" permission setting for the course role.  You (or the administrator) can prevent students from creating their own conferences by turning off the "Web Conferences - Create" permission for students.

Note that this is something that is done at the account or sub account level for all courses.  It's not something that can be turned on or off for individual courses.

There is an explanation of setting course role permissions at 


Surveyor II

Does this mean that we cannot prevent students from creating conferences if using a free account?

Bumping. Same question. I'll ask in a new thread if this doesn't get seen.