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How did different institutions go about introducing Canvas to students?

I'm currently putting together a marketing strategy to introduce the students of University College Birmingham to Canvas, which we will be rolling out in June.

I was wondering if there was anything that worked particularly well when other institutions were getting to word out to students? We are looking to use the University's Twitter account to promote things like training guides and blogs to inform and excite students.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Community Coach
Community Coach, I would definitely check out the Canvas Engagement Strategies‌ group in the Community. They have a lot of great ideas and resources. For more specific information see the following information from when we rolled out Canvas - (this is for faculty and students).

Community Member‌ thanks for the help! I was actually looking at your rollout plan yesterday and I really liked the countdown clock idea which I think we're going to be implementing! 

I'll take a look at the Engagement Strategies! 

Thanks for the help. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Glad you found them useful!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there,‌...

I thought I'd check in with you to see if you are still looking for some ideas as it relates to your original question.  In reviewing your question, it seems that there might not be one "correct" answer, so I am going to convert this to a "discussion" instead.  A "question" typically has a correct responses, but a "discussion" is more open-ended and may have a variety of responses...where there isn't necessarily one "correct" response.  I hope changing this is okay with you.  I've also shared your question with the group here in the Canvas Community that mentioned above.  If you're not following that group, please click on the link I've provided and then click on the "Follow" button at the top right corner of the screen.  Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you soon, Joseph.

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Hi All,

I just thought I'd update you on how our campaign went.

We are now about 20 days away from moving fully over to Canvas, and so the bulk of the "awareness" work has now been done.

We created flyers to plaster the University with to make sure students were aware of Canvas in as many ways as possible. These consisted of smaller flyers, and larger ones that could fit in the canteen trays to make sure students didn't miss them.


As you can see we fully embraced the panda theming from Canvas. These images were also put on screens across the buildings of the University so that students became aware of the link to Canvas. 

An idea that I got from a post on the community that we implemented was a countdown clock for students. By having this on the portal with a link to more information re Canvas, we were able to continue to keep Canvas in the student's minds.


The biggest push for marketing came from a physical presence in students areas though. Members of the team stood in areas with a high footfall of students to give as much information as possible. We used sweets and Canvas themed pencils to lure people in, with iPads on hand to talk them through the VLE. This way we were able to gauge student reactions in real time, and understand what they were really looking for from Canvas whilst also introducing them to its features. 


Alongside all of this, the e-learning Twitter account was posting regular reminders of the move to Canvas alongside information about the great features of Canvas. 

I think that the campaign went well overall. The main focus was to make sure we gave students as many ways to ask questions about Canvas as possible. Everything was plastered with our email address and we have made sure to tell any students who come in to see us. 


Awesome production, and it sounds like you brought the house down! Your campaign likely surmounted the first major challenge - student awareness; and as a byproduct, likely also raised faculty awareness.

What are your plans to address student proficiency in using Canvas? My guiding mantra is that students should be able to focus on the curriculum, not the technology used to deliver the curriculum.

Come back and tell us more. We love these kinds of stories!


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I was taking online courses when the University I was enrolled in started announcing that "Canvas is coming" everywhere. I was only taking online courses so the fact that they were announcing it through the currently system they had was helpful and they also sent out email announcements.  

In those email announcement they included links to handouts and videos and asked you to get familiar with the new LMS.  Also, in the handouts they showed us the comparison of how we do things now and how they will be done in Canvas.

I really felt prepared and it was a smooth transition for me.

Hope my insight at a student helps. 



I helped to lead the charge at my institution. There were several different things that we did to inform students.

PR Campaigns

PR promo 1PR promo 2

I put together a few campaigns with the PR team here at Collin where we focused on what we considered to be the key features for students when it comes to Canvas. Some of the more prominent features that we focused on were the Canvas mobile app, setting up text notifications, and getting feedback from instructors. Additionally, we ran the campaign at distinct times during the semester, so the mobile app and notification pieces were run at the beginning, while the feedback piece was a few weeks in. That way students would learn about features around the time they would need to use them.


I work with our Student Life office to put together a Collin SmartBar, where we got student volunteers from some of our more tenacious student organizations. These volunteers, along with key members of our leadership teams hosted an event at our three campuses where we highlighted student facing technologies.

SB Teaser

We had one sheets, live demos, and our staff was on hand to answer any questions. It was great because we could help new students get set up with Canvas and at the same time help our more experienced users learn additional things about the LMS that they may not have known. It was a pretty big hit, and we wound up making it a permanent staple for the first week of each semester.