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How do I add links to audio files now?

Since the update a couple days ago, I am having serious problems linking content into student assignments.  I teach foreign language and I have audio files for students to use to practice listening, but I cannot link them into assignments.  I get a pop-up asking me if I want to open or save the file (Neither - I want to link it in the assignment!).  Then, no matter which option I choose, I get a large grey square in the assignment window that does nothing.  My students cannot access the audio to do their listening practice.  This is maddening! 

I want my old interface back so that I can drop links into an assignment and students can do the listening - or I want to know how to do this easily in the new interface.

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I agree, this is sooo frustrating. I am having exactly the same issue. The previous interface was easy and flexible and I am now actually being forced to use a non-Canvas solution. I really hope they fix it quickly.

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I have stumbled upon the solution!  In order to link a file that has already been saved in the course, one must first highlight a string of text then click on the link icon.  From there a prompt will ask if you want an external link (to a URL) or a course link.  Course link will cause a pop-up window to appear with a number of options - none of which are files.  However, if one clicks on Links at the top of the window, there is a drop down option for files.  From there the file can be chosen and linked in the assignment.

This is not intuitive because it differs greatly from the old way of adding a file to an assignment/page, and because the link icon is not always visible.  To get to the link icon, you have to click the three vertical dots on the far right of the text editing tools.

I hope this helps others who are in the same situation.

I take this back.  It seemed to be working at the time but the grey boxes are back and my student report that they cannot get to the linked content.  For now I am having to host my files remotely and link to them through URLs. 

Canvas, please fix this.  It is important.