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How do I allow students who have worked in groups to upload documents to all to see and share?

How do I allow students who have worked in groups to upload documents to all to see and share?  Under what heading...Discussions?  Can they upload here?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @kim_creasy .  I may not fully understand your question, so let me know if this response doesn't get at the issue you are having.  If students are put into groups, then those students will be able to enter a space for their group where they can create pages or discussions, share files, etc.  During the time where students are sharing documents and discussing the assignment, I would suggest that they start a discussion in their group and share ideas in this context.  When the assignment is ready to submit t his to your for grading, one of the students can do this for the entire group.

If you just would like the students to post something they have been working on in their groups for the entire class to see and comment on, then I would suggest using a course discussion you create for this purpose.  Perhaps one student could post the work for their group and then others can comment on this in the discussion.  To allow attachments on discussions, follow the steps shown in this document, 

In regards to whether students can post here, if by here you mean the Canvas Community this is not advisable.  The Community is made up of Canvas users from around the world sharing questions, comments, and ideas about teaching with Canvas.  It is not a good place for students to communicate with others in their class.  This may not have been what you meant.

I hope this helps and best wishes!


I tried to follow your directions, but I  am not sure they apply to my situation.

I have students in a discussion, and they are divided in 9 groups working on 9 different projects, how can I have each group share their final work with the rest of the class?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @kim_creasy !  We haven't heard from you in a while so I thought I would check in and see if you were able to find a resolution to the question you posted. I am going to go ahead and mark this as "assumed answered" for now, but this can be changed if needed and marking the question as assumed answered doesn't prevent continued discussion in the thread.

All the best!

Yes. I found the solution.

How did you do it? I have the same question. 

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I haven, essentially, the same question. I've created a discussion post using groups. They access the weekly discussion post and there is a blue link at the top where they can access their group. But there is also space to response to the discussion post outside of the group discussion board. Can they not post to both areas? I've been trying to test it, but can't get my test student into a group (another story). 

For example, when they first enter they see these links. Those links take them to their groups. But below those links is the option to reply to the board before they enter the group discussion area. It sure seems like they will be able to, but I'm just having a hard time testing it out and don't want to wait until they are knocking at the door to know for sure. 



Thank you!

Hi  @epokryfki  and  @gcf16 .  As you both have noted, if students are in groups they can share within their group space but other students cannot access those groups.  If students are supposed to work as a group and then share their final product out with the rest of the class, I would probably do as Curt suggested and have students work in their groups and then post their final project as well in a discussion board that is assigned to the entire class as opposed to assigned to the groups.  Done in this way, there would be some repetition where material is posted but there would be one DQ where everyone could see the final product of the various groups as well as comment on these.  The group, leader, for example, may post the final project to the entire class but then anyone could view this, ask questions, answer questions, etc.

I hope this helps and best wishes!

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Thank you for your response, Eric. But I'm still stuck on a particular point. The DB that I have for the whole group is the same one I created for the group discussions. This is the workflow: 

  1. Create new DP (ex. Wk7 Discussion)
  2. Make it a group discussion
  3. Randomly create group sets
  4. View Wk7 Discussion
    1. There are blue links at the top to access group boards
    2. But a reply button below those to post to the board I just created.

When I first enter the discussion board there is a space where one could reply before entering the group discussions. Are my students going to be able to post to that one? It appears to be a public board? Because they have to click the blue links at the top of the "public board". 

Sorry for the paranoia and probing. I can't seem to get my test student into a group and I don't want to publish it yet anyway. I think I'm going to ask one student to jump in and see if she can post just to test it out. Part of my concern is I've seen this question around and everyone says you need to make another "public" DB for the group to share. But it appears to me that one is automatically created when you create group discussions. Which is why I'm confused/paranoid. 

Hi  @gcf16   I understand wanting to be sure.  I just tested in my sandbox where I can enroll fake students and view the course as them.  The image you posted above is what you see as the instructor, not what the students see.  If students are in a group within a group set, and the discussion is assigned to that group set, students can see the topic itself in the discussions tab but if they click on this it takes them into their group space.  What a student posts in their group cannot be seen by a student in a different group.  This is why for the final sharing portion you would want to create a separate DQ and not assign this to a group set.  This way everyone could enter and post at will.  Being said, your idea of testing with a real student isn't a bad idea.  Better to be safe than sorry!