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How do I attach a google form to a canvas assignment?

How do I attach a google form to a canvas assignment?

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Hi  @laura_fuller  and welcome to the Canvas Community!

I am assuming you are a teacher so will proceed with that assumption. If you are using a regular assignment you have two options, both involve using the assignment description. The easiest way is to just grab the URL of the form by clicking on the send link at the top and select the link icon to get the url and paste it into the description area. If you want to embed the form right into the description area, do exactly the same thing and then click on the <> symbol and copy the embed code. Once you have the code copied, go back to the Canvas editor and click on the html editor link to be able to past in the embed code.

If I am off base here, just comment and let me know a bit more detail and I can see about giving you some other suggestions.

I'm trying to do the embed option but when I go into student view to check it all I see is the html code, it doesn't view the form.

 @sbridge ‌, please make sure you switched to the HTML Editor to paste in the code for the form.



It might be easier to add the Google Apps under Settings >> Apps. Once this app is added then a new button is available in the editor. Click on the button, search for the form, and click on embed. 

I prefer to go into the HTML and change the numbers to 100% but this is a personal preference and not necessary. 

Thanks for the reference to the Google Apps LTI tool lph. This works, assuming the organization allows instructors to add apps from the apps section on the settings page. My institution doesn't allow this so doing it manually is the only solution in this case 😞


When I add my forms via the Google LTI it tells the students they can't access the file.  I don't know of a "sharing setting" in Google forms so not sure why they can't see it.  The only way I've successfully gotten Forms to work is to embed them OR link them using the link from the "Send" options.